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List Description
Abench [no description available]
admin svcs server system administration
ai PSU CS AI Interest/Course List
AINT Abstract Interpretation study group
allied Allied Forces Robotic Racing
capstone-fall2011 Wiki for PSU Capstone Fall 2011 / Winter 2012
capstone-spring2012 Email discussion list for PSU CS 487/488 Spring 2012
Civicapps [no description available]
coast Center for Open And Sustainable Technologies
cs300-discuss PSU CS 300 Discussion List
cs300-summer2009-discuss PSU CS 300: Software Engineering
Cs510mcp-discuss Discussion list for PSU CS 410/510 MCP
cs510osse-discuss PSU CS 410/510: Advanced Open Source SE
cs542-discuss PSU CS 442/542: Combinatorial Games
cs543-spring2010 PSU CS 443/543: Combinatorial Search
cs543-winter2012 PSU CS 443/543: Combinatorial Search
cs555-discuss PSU CS 555/655 Discussion List
CS555CA-discuss CS 555 Code Analysis
cs684-spring2013 PSU CS 584/684: Algorithm Design and Analysis
FUDCrusher FUDCrusher robotics project
Gerber PSAS Gerber file tool development
glassplate Glass Plate Game scheduling list
gpl-gps-announce Announcement list for the GPL-GPS project.
gpl-gps-developers Developers list for the GPL-GPS project.
HaskellDSP Discussion of the HaskellDSP library
hsstudy Ad-Hoc Introductory Haskell Study Group
imageproof Forensic Digital Image Enhancement Group
Kernel Portland Linux developers
layout Intel UG Ed 2009 layout project
lddsrc Portland State University CS 571 group to update LDD3 source code
Mailman [no description available]
mcpied Working group for the PSU/Intel educational multi-core boxes
MELT Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Team
Ogipsu [no description available]
OOTC Oregon Open Technology Center
open-tech-lab Template wiki for mkwiki
openahrms Open Attitude / Heading Reference Measurement System
OpenGNSS Mailing list for the Open GNSS Community
OpenPBM Working list for the OpenPBM project
opensource_gps Mailing list for Open Source GPS project.
org PSU Open Research Group
OSCProj [no description available]
oss2012 Wiki for Portland State OSS Lab Course Summer 2012
oss2013 Wiki for Portland State OSS Lab Course Summer 2013
oss2014 Wiki for Portland State OSS Lab Course Summer 2014
ossclass PSU CS 410/510 OSS
osse-discuss Class wiki for CS 410/510 OSSE
Otest [no description available]
phig PSU Haskell Interest Group
Psam [no description available]
psas-airframe Airframe team mailing list.
psas-announce Public mailing list for major PSAS announcements (this list is moderated).
psas-avionics Avionics team mailing list.
psas-commit Notification list for commits
psas-info Bridge between PSAS and the broader PSU community
psas-misc Feeds non-team specific members into 'psas-team': Do NOT send mail to this list.
psas-psu-liaison PSAS PSU liaison list
psas-team All team members list (this list is *automatically* generated from all PSAS team lists.).
psu-soc-2014-board [no description available]
psu-soc-2014-info Google/PSU Summer of Code 2014 Info List
psu-soc-2014-mentors PSU GSoC 2014 Mentors
psu-soc-2014-students Google / PSU Summer of Code 2014 students
psu-soc-2015-board [no description available]
psu-soc-2015-info Google/PSU Summer of Code 2015 Info List
psu-soc-2015-mentors PSU GSoC 2015 Mentors
psu-soc-2015-students Google / PSU Summer of Code 2015 students
Qc [no description available]
RCU [no description available]
rp Relativistic programming
rp-private Relativistic programming private
SAT Satisfiability Interest Group
SDR [no description available]
Sshtrust [no description available]
summer-board Google/PSU Summer of Code Review Board list
vrp Verifying Relativistic Programs
Vwo Ontology specifications applied to VR MUD development.
wurzburg-2006 Adversary Search: Wurzburg 2006
wurzburg2009 FH Wurzburg-Schweinfurt Intl Week 2009: Adversary Search
wurzburg2010 FH Wurzburg-Schweinfurt Intl Week 2010: Adversary Search
wurzburg2012 FH Wurzburg-Schweinfurt Intl Week 2012: Adversary Search
wurzburg2013 FH Wurzburg-Schweinfurt Intl Week 2013: Adversary Search
wurzburg2014 FHWS Intl Week 2014: Adversary Search
xorg-soc-2007 Google/X.Org Summer of Code and X.Org Vacation of Code 2007 discussion list
xorg-soc-2008 Google/X.Org Summer of Code 2008 discussion list
xorg-soc-2009 Google / X.Org Summer of Code 2009 list

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