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Clifford Kelley cwkelley at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 26 18:35:41 PST 2006

I am sending this to the opensource list to see if anyone has some advice for you.

Best regards,


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>hi,thank you for your circut diagram!
>I have read this link carefully!
>I want to know can you give me a full version diagram including gp2015 and 
>Now ,I am designing gps platform using gp2015 and gp4020 according to 
>M5001(SigNav),and hope you can give me some advice,thank you!!
>>From: Clifford Kelley <cwkelley at earthlink.net>
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>>Here you go.
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>> >Subject: about "How to Hack a SuperstarTM",thanks  a lot!!!
>> >
>> >Dear Cliff Kelley
>> >
>> >in this website
>> >http://home.earthlink.net/~cwkelley/how_to_hack_a_superstar.htm
>> >I find your email,and  I  want to have the full sized version of circuit
>> >diagram including sch,pcb,thanks a lot!!
>> >then let me introduce myself!
>> >I am a student researching gps development and position Algorithm,but I
>> >doesn't  have hardware platform,and I am also  interested in embedded
>> >system development including arm,dsp,and so on. So  I want to develop a
>> >hardware platform for GPS.
>> >I am looking forward to hearing from you!!!
>> >thanks a lot!!
>> >
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