[psas-software] Setbacks in software land

Bart Massey bart at bart
Sun Jun 1 23:15:18 PDT 2003

Hate to say it, but www.opencm.org may be the right thing.
It's pretty early, but it does support the right feature
set, and is supposed to prevent what just happened to you.
It would be a pity if our tools were so bad that we had to
have multiple software librarians for this small project.
Heck, we'll try bitkeeper.com if we have to, although I
suppose Larry will eventually sue us if we do.

Sorry, man.  Let me know if I can help clean up.


In message <20030601230838.07a917a7.james at loowit.net> you wrote:
> Well, I had something mostly working for can->ground, but unexpected
> changes in cvs meant that a cvs update mangled it beyond comprehension.
> To add insult to injury, I attempted to check in my changes and did so
> before I realized how much had changed in the model of things. So, my
> changes are intermixed now with others, although since mine are very
> recent, it's probably easier to back them out.
> Effectively, my weekend's work's lost. I've probably wrecked the work of
> others. I can't see how I can find time to get things ready for
> integration with hardware tomorrow night. I'll be there at 5:30 and
> maybe by around midnight I can recreate things enough to get them to a
> point where they work.
> What this points out is that simply setting up cvs isn't enough. It's
> only a tool and our processes that are "using" it are disorganized.
> Different folks have different ideas what it's being used for. Large
> blocks of our time will end up being misspent by this.
> Our first order of business tomorrow is to talk about how we plan to
> manage version control for the software. I'm inclined that only one
> person per major software entity (for example: launch tower computer, or
> flight computer) is allowed to update the official copy of code for that
> major entity -- this helps control change and limit risk of introduction
> of error. Folks wishing to offer changes could make them available as a
> patch, which the master could graft in. This is much like Linus and the
> Linux kernel.
> Thoughts, anyone?
> James
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