[psas-software] 'CAN Messages -> RocketView': check

Andrew Greenberg andrew at uad.com
Thu Jun 5 23:31:33 PDT 2003

Dave came over this evening, and we captured a bunch of CAN messages from 
the avionics system via the 'CAN protocol analyzer' (the MCP2510 
development board). We then sent the messages into rocketview via a testing 
program, and indeed you could see the IMU graphs update. Tres cool! We're 
on our way.

Next step: Big Monday night integration fest where we bring the whole 
system together. Again, it's 5:30pm in FAB 155. However, I may be late 
because I need to help with antenna testing at Xerox... so if you can't get 
into 155 (you should be able to) then hang out in the CS lounge until I get 

See you all then!


    Andrew Greenberg - andrew at uad.com - 503.788.1343

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