[psas-software] More info on the flight computer from MEN

Andrew Greenberg andrew at uad.com
Thu Nov 10 07:18:46 PST 2005

MEN still doesn't know why the PPC has an error on boot with the PCMCIA 
carrier attached, so they're trying to figure that out for us. They think 
it could be a rev A silicon problem, but I can't believe that MenMon is 
giving DMA access on boot to the PCI cards.

Here's some good news:

 >For your information, on 9th of December the new PP1 with the new MPC 
5200 B >Rev 3 is coming out of our production!!! So, I am rather sure we 
can deliver >the bug free version this year:)

So by early spring ;) we'll be up and running. That's nice. And at least 
we're all thinking correctly:

 >>OK, so what you're suggesting is that we load our kernel into
 >>the other half of the onboard flash (the "other" 8 MB) and
 >>use MenMon to boot it.
 > yes, this is the correct way.

And maybe TJDQGOS (they just don't quite get open source):

 >>Just to make sure we understand: 1) the CPLD has been
 >>programmed by JTAG and is nonvolatile so we don't have to
 >>worry about it, and 2) if we port an open source boot loader,
 >>we'll need the FPGA bits. OK, we'll wory about that later.
 >3)why porting a open source boot loader, MENMON is a power full utility.


 >>--> "dboot" is for diskboot, "d" is for dump.
 >>As we said before, they seem to produce the same output.
 >Sorry to didn't mention it earlier. "dboot" is not supported on the PP1,
 >because it is not possible to add a compact flash on the PP1.
 >So, the dboot is interpreted as "d" with argument <boot> - this is not a
 >valid argument, showing the same as just "d"

Aha! So no dbooting for us. And thus no booting off the CF card. So I guess 
our ideas on booting are about right: let's get that PPC kernel booting off 
TFTP and then burn it to flash.

See you all next week... and if people can be looking into some kernels 
that should work on the MPC5200 specifically, that would be good. James, 
you don't have any open source board kernel configurations for the MPC5200 
from VxWorks, do you?

And Jamey, how did that Metroworks ISO thing turn out?


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