[psas-software] Prices on PCMCIA flash drives

Josh Triplett josh at psas.pdx.edu
Wed Nov 2 17:37:44 PST 2005

Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> Here's the final pricing on the DMA-enabled, non-removable (it looks
> like a had drive, not a removable card), PCMCIA flash memory cards:
> 1 GB = $173
> 2 GB = $435
> 4 GB = $815
> 6 GB = $1225
> Any votes on which one makes sense? It still looks like the 1 GB makes
> sense to me unless the software folks things it makes a big difference
> to have more... e.g., being able to store debian packages on the drive,
> etc?
> I'd appreciate feedback: if I don't get any, I'm going for the 1 GB card.

For those prices, I'm inclined to agree that the 1GB card is the best
option.  We might need more capacity at some later date, but we're
already getting 4x what we used to have.

For that matter, we might consider just continuing to use the 1GB
consumer card we have for a while, considering it will be a long time
before we plan to launch; that might give us more time to decide if we
want the additional capacity, and the prices are likely to get better
over time.

- Josh Triplett
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