[psas-software] Re: Free Software JTAG tools & easily buildable JTAG

Josh Triplett josh at psas.pdx.edu
Wed Nov 9 12:17:54 PST 2005

Josh Triplett wrote:
> There is a set of Free Software JTAG tools available at
> <http://openwince.sourceforge.net/jtag/>.  It supports various different
> cables, listed on that page; several of these have full schematics
> available, including one
> <http://jtag-arm9.sourceforge.net/hardware.html> which appears to be a
> very basic circuit wired up to a parallel port.  It supports
> board-specific descriptions, as well as descriptions of flash interfaces
> which allow it to program a flash chip.  This would appear to solve the
> JTAG interface problem; we would just need the necessary board-specific
> and flash-specific descriptions.

I forgot to mention that these tools are already packaged in Debian, in
the package "openwince-jtag".

- Josh Triplett
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