[psas-software] Meeting tonight ++software, --avionics

Andrew Greenberg andrew at uad.com
Tue Nov 22 15:30:45 PST 2005

Hi everyone,

Glenn and I can't make the meeting tonight, so let's deemphasis the 
avionics in tonight's meeting and have it mostly be 'bout software.

Jamey *does* has the flight computer, however, so I expect you guys to be 
up and running with some kind of working kernel over tftp this evening. The 
pressure is on us to get up and running with something that works so we can 
turn in our IBM grant report and it doesn't look like we're total losers.

Good luck!

If we can't boot with a kernel tonight, I'm going to vote we all get 
together for a day in the next few weeks and make a workshop of it.

We'll all meet again on Tuesday of next week, 11/22. See you then.


    Andrew Greenberg - andrew at uad.com - 503.788.1343

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