[psas-software] More flight computer thoughts

Andrew Greenberg andrew at uad.com
Wed Oct 12 02:43:02 PDT 2005

>Looks reasonable.  Any particular deciding factor in favor of this one?
>  What features are we looking for in a power supply?

It exists. Sad, but true. No one else makes anything that works.

>SimpleTech supplies sizes up to 256MB; no idea on pricing:

Good find. I've contacted them for pricing, although they may no longer 
make it since it's not in their regular web site.

>Also, part of the reason the expense is so high is due to the use of
>more expensive NOR flash; NAND flash is far cheaper, and still supported
>just fine by JFFS2.

Right, but we have to find NAND flash in some accessible form.

>OTOH, some of the MTD documentation states that SmartMedia cards are
>just NAND flash, and may be accessible.

SmartMedia uses a SPI interface. Blech. Possible, but at only 5 Mbps, 
that's way slow.


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