[psas-software] Power over Ethernet as shore power?

Josh Triplett josh at psas.pdx.edu
Wed Oct 26 23:41:20 PDT 2005

After Glenn posted about some devices and mentioned Power over Ethernet,
I did some research into its features, and the possibly-insane idea
occurred to me: why not use Ethernet as our shore power connection from
the launch tower to the rocket?  It seems to provide sufficient voltage
(48V) and sufficient amperage (350mA).  It would allow us to have just
one cable going to the rocket while on the pad, while still having a
wired connection from the LTC to the rocket for easy access and sending
commands.  It would give us two separate methods to detect umbilical
separation: loss of current and loss of link.  The LTC side of the
circuit could be a simple device which adds PoE to an existing
connection, and the rocket side could be either a standard or custom
device for spliting the PoE off of the connection.


- Josh Triplett
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