[psas-avionics] Happy New Year, Avionics Team! (take two)

Andrew Greenberg andrew
Wed Jan 3 23:09:40 PST 2007

... pretty simple status at: http://psas.pdx.edu/AvionicsMtg20070103

Happy new year everyone, and see you all soon.


Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> The avionics team has been pretty dormant since the Capstone team
> completed in May. With the new year, I think it's time to pick up the pace!
> There's a lot of really interesting and hard work to be done since we're
> building from the ground up... I'm trying to put together a task list
> and figure out where to push. In the next few weeks I'll be cleaning up
> the avionics team documentation and trying to list tasks to be done,
> systems to be built, etc.
> For now, see the pretty simple status
> Andrew

Andrew Greenberg

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