[psas-software] Meeting this wednesday 7/11 at 7:00pm

Judy Fischbach jfisch
Wed Jul 11 19:41:07 PDT 2007

Hi Andrew and gang,

I wanted to stop by tonight but last minute my son wants to go to his
friends house (since its his friends birthday) and they are close family 
friends so I get to make it tonight -- I'll shoot for next week though 
since you are starting up again.

Oh and yes ---  its Betsy Ross you know the one who did our American 
Flag!!!  :-)

See you all soon and hope you are having a great summer thus far!


On Tue, 10 Jul 2007, Andrew Greenberg wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> We're on for a meeting this Wednesday at 7:00pm in FAB 150 as usual. On
> the agenda:
> 1. Get Bart's OSS students up and running with the LPC2148 / FreeRTOS,
> answer questions, come up with a list of needed device drivers, etc.
> 2. Begin the honest-to-betsy (who is betsy anyway?) design of recovery
> node: in particular, let's do a requirements list, a detailed block
> diagram, and then start handing out bits to people. It's time to start
> jamming on this one!
> 3. Set up summer technical workshops, which should include:
>   a. Using git
>   b. Using ikiwiki
>   c. Technical introduction to the next generation USB node.
>   d. Board design and layout using EAGLE CAD.
> See you then!
> Andrew
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