[psas-avionics] GFE layout is pretty much done.

Andrew Greenberg andrew at psas.pdx.edu
Wed Oct 20 20:05:31 PDT 2010

Hi Dave,

> 1) do they have a JTAG header on them?

No, you don't get JTAG. Instead, you have to write your own I2C over USB
bootloader. And no cheating: it's got to be written in assembly.

Yes, there's access to JTAG, as well as UART0 for ISP, and three debug
pins, all on our very own debug connector.

> 2) Do they have any kind of tri-color LED that would be useful for
> displaying status of the node?

I am ashamed to admit that I didn't specify a tri-color LED like I did
on the FC. I must go rectify my grave, grave error. ;)

> 3) Do they have any type of general purpose LED's to be used during the
> firmware development cycle?

No, not really. There are three GPIO lines on the debug connector, so
you could break those out to LEDs. or, just use a bunch of the open
lines... theses things have tons of GPIO broken out.

> Thoughts?

Try not to.



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