[psas-avionics] Meeting Friday morning, patch antennas in on Tuesday

Andrew Greenberg andrew at psas.pdx.edu
Thu Jul 7 12:13:16 PDT 2011


Let's plan on meeting at noon - 4pm on Friday at the PSBA. People are
welcome to come earlier and work independently, but I have a call from
10am - noon I can't reschedule (sorry). Agenda:

- Find our favorite kind of helical antennas
- Discuss antennas and RSSI for RocketTracks (RocketTrax?)
- Get our game together for CPAs next week (see below)
- Work on GFEs as necessary


Parks PCB's drill machine broke, so they're delayed a few days. We
should get the patch antenna PCBs on Tuesday. If they're in, I'd like to
devote Tuesday evening's meeting to actually building patch antennas!
Let's meet in the FAB at 7pm and then head to the PSBA by 8pm.

- UHMW PE is on order.
- Tim, can you bring your 0.050 inch rivets?
- We have the "sparker" and 3m spray glue at the PSBA
- We have the avionics module in my PSU office (I think?)
- We need 5 feet of the 12 inch wide 0.005 inch thick copper sheeting
from Alaskan Copper and Brass. Glenn, since you're in the SE, can you
pick that up? Should be about $15. Try to have them gently cut and roll
it, we're trying to avoid "kinks" in the sheeting.


Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
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