[PSAS] PSAS server problems fixed

James Perkins james at loowit.net
Wed Aug 25 15:52:34 PDT 2004

Seems that there was an evil IP address in a Mexican address block 
requesting a web page through twiki every second or so, which was 
keeping the load average up around 9 and causing occasional denial of 
service. The worst offense was that it was crawling through the site and 
doing every possible rdiff of every twiki page. To arrest the offender, 
I've denied Web Server access from that IP address. If anyone's 
listening who knows who is doing this, and feels they were operating in 
good will, please tell them we'd be happy to give them an rsync of the 
entire PSAS web anytime they want (even once/day!) and to stop trying to 
crawl every generatable page on the server.


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