[PSAS] Learn Satellite making in your home. :)

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Fri Aug 27 14:46:51 PDT 2004

Wow, this would be neat to play with.

Hands-on Satellite Teaching Tool

There is nothing like hands-on practice before the satellite you're running
is out of reach, orbiting high above Earth.

And that is where the EyasSAT  Educational Satellite System comes in -- a
working satellite model perfect for a classroom setting.

Originally developed for use in the Astronautics Department at the U.S. Air
Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, EyasSAT is a set of circuit
boards that plug together to form a complete satellite. Each board or module
functions as a satellite sub-system. Add among other items a case with
separation switch, a couple of solar panels, antenna port, position sensors,
reaction wheel, light sensors and a thermal control surface - now you've got
yourself a complete satellite ideal for in-the-lab learning.

Nearly 35 EyasSATs are out in classrooms explained Jim White, head of
Colorado Satellite Services in Parker, Colorado. He worked with the Air
Force Academy under a cooperative agreement to hammer out the EyasSAT idea
and supportive educational materials.

Paper design studies of building a spacecraft are one thingŠactually working
with hardware is another, White said. "Students using EyasSat come away with
a broad understanding of all of the systems on satellites, and how those
systems work together to perform a mission," he told SPACE.com .

White said better and more prepared space engineers are needed in the
workforce, individuals that can get up to speed quicker and become
productive faster -- a key ambition behind the effort. EyasSAT technical
details and costs are available at:

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