[PSAS] Can't figure out how to remove "external url" icon.

Andrew Greenberg andrew at uad.com
Tue Dec 20 10:51:24 PST 2005


I want to remove the little "world" icon which symbolizes an external link 
(or possibly just an URL) from the GPL-GPS web. I can't figure out how to 
do it, even after spending an hour or so on it.

1. "Show Fancy Links" has no effect whatsoever.
2. Removing the icon responsible just adds the 'Alt' text [WWW] in it's place.

The icon name is moin-www.png. It's located in 
/usr/share/moin/htdocs/leftsidebarsmaller/img directory. You'd think I 
could just grep around to see where the code is that's referencing it, but 
I can't find a reference to this PNG anywhere.




    Andrew Greenberg - andrew at uad.com - 503.788.1343

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