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Jay Beck jay3 at BeckFamily.com
Wed Nov 2 23:20:50 PST 2005

Just finished watching "Rocket Challenge" on Ch 103 (Science Channel).

It covered 'LDR3' meet this past summer in Kansas.  Try to catch its repeats

if you can.


Two items I found interesting:


1) I   think the comments by Team "Aurora" from Amarillo, TX might be very important for us.

Their systems designed said:


Most people use black powder to deploy their parachutes . but when you are going for

30,000 ft or more, there is not enough oxygen up there and you just get a  'pop', so we

are using a CO2 system to push out the parachute.

(Their rocket was 10" diameter, 20 feet long, with a custom made [by them] 'P' motor -  the

show detailed how they built it.  Mixed materials, cured it until like taffy, then tamped it

in a mold with a center dowel.  After it was done hardening, they cut it into segments and

loaded the segments into the metal tube of the engine pressure vessel)


2)  An interesting side line to the show, was one of the categories at the meet, titled:

"How Low Can You Go"  You had to fire your rocket with at least 500 lbs thrust, and come

down under parachute.  The winner made it to 119 feet high.  It was a large "Wood Wire Spool"

[flat end up] with an engine and a parachute strapped to on top.  It produced a lot of drag, and the
chute came out

shorting after takeoff while still under thrust.


Another rocket was a flying 'real' fiberglass outhouse with 4 fins.



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