[PSAS] PSAS Field trip to "In the Shadow of the Moon" screening this Wednesday

Andrew Greenberg andrew at psas.pdx.edu
Sun Sep 23 11:38:39 PDT 2007

Hi everyone!

Our group has just been officially invited to a (free) screening of "In
the Shadow of the Moon" this Wednesday, September 26th at 7:00 pm at
Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Ave).

Here's the synopsis:

"Between 1968 and 1972, nine American spacecraft voyaged to the Moon,
and 12 men walked upon its surface. IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON brings
together for the first, and possibly the last, time surviving
crew members from every single Apollo mission that flew to the Moon, and
allows them to tell their story in their own words. This riveting
first-hand testimony is interwoven with visually stunning archival
material which has been re-mastered from the original NASA film footage
– much of it never used before. The result is an intimate epic that
vividly communicates the daring, the danger, the pride, and the promise
of this extraordinary era in history when the whole world literally
looked up at America."

And you can find more out at http://www.intheshadowofthemoon.com/

To join us, please:

1. RSVP to me (*not* the list, please) by Wednesday noon so that I can
have passes for you.

2. Meet us at Cinema 21 on Wednesday. You've got two options to get there:

a. Most of us will catch the Portland Street car at 6:22pm at the PSU
plaza (that's the Urban Center Plaza, next to the Pizzicato) and then
walk down to Cinema 21, getting there around 6:50pm.

b. Or, you can meet us at Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Ave) sometime *BEFORE*

I'll have the passes printed out and ready for you at the door, but I
plan to actually see the movie so please don't be late (which is, as you
all know, hard for *me* to say :)

Last minute coordinating can be done with me on my cell phone, 503.708.7711.

Thanks, and see you there!


Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
andrew at psas.pdx.edu  P: 503.788.1343  C: 503.708.7711

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