[PSAS] Meeting tomorrow night, if you can!

heinleid at onid.orst.edu heinleid at onid.orst.edu
Mon Nov 10 21:40:35 PST 2008

Hey everyone,

Just an idea, but the Space Shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to launch  
on Friday at 7:55 PM EST (4:55 PM PST), and I was thinking about  
having a "STS-126 Launch Party" either in our normal meeting room or  
in an empty classroom to help promote PSAS and watch a great launch.   
So what does everyone think?


Quoting Andrew Greenberg <andrew at psas.pdx.edu>:

> Hey everyone,
> We're still on for a PSAS meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7:00pm
> in FAB, despite the fact it's technically a holiday. After all, how else
> would you want to spend your holiday besides building rockets?!
> Andrew
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