[PSAS] NASA Space Shuttle Launch Viewing - STS-126

heinleid at onid.orst.edu heinleid at onid.orst.edu
Fri Nov 14 09:06:32 PST 2008

To all team members and the interested public:

T-4 hours, 30 minutes and counting...

The launch of STS-126 is happening today, and I thought it would be a  
good idea to have a launch viewing party as a promotion for PSAS!   
Currently, the party will be happening in Engineering Building 102,  
just north of the Fourth Avenue Building (FAB), from 4-6 pm.  If we  
can't have the party there, we'll move to FAB 150/155 and watch from  
there.  Since this is fairly impromptu, it will be BYOR (Bring Your  
Own Refreshments).

So, to summarize:

What: STS-126 Launch Viewing Party
Where: Engineering Building 102 (FAB 155 if we can't get in to EB 102)
When: 4-6 pm today!

T-4 hours, 23 minutes and counting...

Daniel Heinlein

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