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*The Department

*Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) - Our EIS Software Team has been
tasked with developing a custom suite of internal applications critical to
the design and production of our Falcon Rockets and Dragon Spacecraft.  This
system will be capable of tracking every component on our vehicles from the
smallest circuit board that controls the spacecraft to the raw copper that
will eventually line our rocket engines.  It has to capture this
information, extrapolate key data and generate reports that we can leverage
to improve our designs.

*The Job

*We’re looking for software architects who like to write code.  We require
engineers who love to learn.  Be prepared to attend various technology
conferences in search of new ideas and new ways of doing things.  We’ll
provide you with a week of your own every 5-weeks to explore these ideas
without interruption (20% time).

What else?  Agile development methodologies, lunch-n-learn sessions, free
frozen yogurt, stock options and the opportunity to help advance space
technologies further than they’ve ever gone before.

Desired Skills & Experience


   - Selected candidates will join the SpaceX flight software team,
   developing and deploying flight control software for the Falcon 1 and Falcon
   9 launch vehicles and the Dragon space capsule.
   - The team is developing a highly modular space vehicle software suite,
   which includes vehicle housekeeping; mission event sequencing; guidance,
   navigation & control; rendezvous & docking; communications networking and
   fault detection, isolation & recovery.
   - Successful applicants will take responsibility for the development,
   testing and deployment of mission-critical software as part of a close-knit
   team of exceptional software engineers.


   - BS or MS in Computer Science or related field of study (PhD a plus)
   - Extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux and Linux Internals
   - Several years of software development experience
   - Extensive experience programming in C++
   - Experience programming for high reliability systems
   - Experience writing software unit tests

*Preferred skills*

   - We prefer candidates who have a strong background in *C++*
   - Experience writing software *for* real-time *and/or embedded systems* is
   also strongly preferred
   - Experience writing software with real-time systems requirements is also
   strongly preferred
   - Some exposure to aerospace would be of value
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