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You might find this Physics deptartment lecture interesting next Monday.
May inspire payload experiment(s)?

Keith Parker

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Subject: 3rd Physics Seminar: Monday, February 13th
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3rd Physics Seminar: Monday, February 13, 2012
Room 101, SRTC

Speaker: Mark Weislogel, PhD
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Room 402M Engineering Building
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751, Portland, OR 97207
Phone: (503) 725-4292,
E-mail: mmw at cecs.pdx.edu
Web: http://www.me.pdx.edu/~mmw

Title: PSU Capillary Fluidics Experiments in Space

Abstract: There are many fluid systems aboard spacecraft that require
an intimate knowledge of capillary flows and phenomena over length
scales 1000 times larger than on Earth. Such systems include liquid
fuels and cryogens storage tanks, thermal fluids for temperature
control, and water processing equipment for life support. A variety of
recent ‘low-g’ experimental demonstrations and discoveries will be
presented from experiments performed on the International Space
Station, in a new drop tower facility, and in a traditional
microfluidics laboratory. Concerning the former, robotic experiments
currently on orbit are controlled 24-7 from the Portland State
University campus ground station where students of the Mechanical and
Materials Engineering Department send tens of thousands of commands to
the ISS to complete the science objectives. Results to be highlighted
concern capillarity-driven flows in complex geometries, critical
geometric wetting, inertial-capillary multiphase flow, and passive
phase separations. A quantitative understanding of such phenomena is
essential for robust spacecraft systems design and examples of pending
advanced applications will be discussed. We are enjoying the work

Short Bio: Mark Weislogel (Ph.D. M.E., Northwestern, 1996) has
conducted fundamental and applied thermal/fluids research, systems
analyses, and engineering research and development since 1986. He has
10 years aerospace experience working with NASA, specializing in
microgravity capillary flows and phenomena leading to numerous drop
tower tests, low-g aircraft campaigns, and space flight experiments
aboard the Space Shuttle, Russian Mir Space Station, and the
International Space Station. He has over 4 years experience in
industry designing lightweight carbon structures, passive cooling
cycles, and large length scale capillary systems. Weislogel is
currently a professor at Portland State University since 2001 and his
research interests continue to focus on macroscale and microscale
capillary-driven flows in complex geometries, passive cooling systems,
microscale thermal devices, and microgravity fluid mechanics.
Weislogel has over 70 publications and four patents. His teaching
emphasis centers on the thermal/fluids sciences.

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